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Banquet Info

While we really enjoy hosting groups and parties in our additional dining area, there are a few days that just isn’t possible… easily.
The reason being that the room is full of regular customers on our usual busy days of Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
So we’ve had to come-up with some basic banquet policies…

Monday Lunch Fee: $150 Thursday Lunch Fee: $250
Monday Lunch Minimum: $350       Thursday Lunch Minimum: $500
Monday Night Fee: $250                     Thursday Night Fee: $500
Monday Night Minimum: $750         Thursday Night Minimum: $1,000

Tuesday Lunch Fee: $150                   Friday Lunch Fee: $500
Tuesday Lunch Minimum: $350       Friday Lunch Minimum: $1,000
Tuesday Night Fee: $350                     Friday Night Fee: $1,000
Tuesday Night Minimum: $750        Friday Night Minimum: $2,000

Wednesday Lunch Fee: 150               Saturday Lunch Fee: $500
Wednesday Lunch Minimum: $350 Saturday Lunch Minimum: $1,000
Wednesday Night Fee: $350              Saturday Night Fee: $1,000
Wednesday Night Minimum: $750  Saturday Night Minimum: $2,000

  • $100 deposit required to hold reservation.
  • Deposit fully refundable if reservation canceled at least seven (7) days prior to event.
  • Private room rental only available with parties of 30 or more.
  • If minimum not met with food and alcohols sales, balance will be charged to final bill.
  • Tax and service charge/gratuity will be add to final bill, but does not apply toward minimum charge.

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